Lynch The Grinch

Lynch The Grinch is a quirky little horror game.

It has been in development for around 6 months, and 95% of the gameplay happens in complete darkness.

There are two major features which make Lynch The Grinch unique:

1) A dynamic music engine, which dynamically changes the music to match the intensity of the gameplay.

2) 95% of the game is played in complete darkness. There is never any visible movement on the screen, the object will only move in the darkness, forcing the player to carfully hunt for the evil characters, whilst avoiding both the good characters, and the little girl.

Download the Windows version of Lynch The Grinch here!

Lynch The Grinch currently requires a 1920 x 1080 monitor for an optimal experience, and is in mobile development, so look out for the Grinch on iOS devices in the near future…

Design, Programming and Gameplay Art: Paul Taylor

Introduction and Credits Artwork: Kimberley Tinson

Dynamic Music composed by: Adam Starr

We hope you enjoy playing Lynch the Grinch!

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