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My Photographic Background

Throughout high school I excelled in my VCE Media Studies (Photography), where I was using 35mm film with an Olympus OM2 SLR camera. Although I studied many types of photographic styles, one of my favourites during my studies was producing blurred movement photography.

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The results were beautiful black and white images concentrating on either a figure or its environment becoming a detailed blur with the rest of the image staying sharp and clear.

I have always loved photography.  Having the chance to share my passion with others is both exciting and extremely rewarding. I have had the privilege of taking photography overseas. I have explored throughout Europe from the beautiful countryside of Italy, to the sparkling city of Paris and the ever changing streets of London. I have also travelled throughout Sri Lanka before being engaged to photograph a traditional Sri Lankan wedding at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, and the associated homecoming of the married couple several days later.

Traditional dancer

Since returning home I have been engaged photographing another great wedding in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.
Advertising photography for the Stonehouse Café in Warrandyte.
Motorsport Photography for Rover Scouts (Members of the Australian Scouting Association) at Opposite Lock 2008 and


I am an energetic, creative and talented photographer, and wish to help you capture the perfect moment, whatever the event you have planned.

If you have any enquiries please call me, or send an email and I will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.


Images are available for reproduction. Copyright Kimberley Tinson - [email protected]