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Hec Sebire Rover Crew History

Our Name

Hec Sebire: The Crew was named after Hector Sebire who was a key person into the development of Scouting in our local area.

Read Hector Sebire's History Here

Our Home - Wishart Lodge

In 1938, approximately four acres of land (on which Wishart Lodge is located) was purchased by the, then Hawthorn District Association for use as a camping ground for Scouts.

From humble beginings the land was progressively developed and in 1964 the erection of the original lodge was completed and named after Dr. W.B. Wishart, who was Hawthorn's District President from 1951 to 1962. For many years thereafter the lodge was frequently used, but by the early 1970's it began to fall into disrepair.

In 1975, the Lilydale District Association accepted responsibility for the management of Wishart Lodge on behalf of the Hawthorn District. The Lillydale District Rovers and the District team, assisted by friends and supporters from the groups, immediately commenced works which included road construction, fencing, site improvements, extensive renovations of the original lodge, and culminated their efforts in the construction of the Activity Centre.

The Lillydale District Scouting Activity Centre - Wishart Lodge was officially opened on Sunday the 8th of June in 1980 by the Hon Sj Plowman MP.

Today, Wishart Lodge is still the home of the Hec Sebire Rovers, and is the headquarters of the Yarra Ranges district.

Facilities at Wishart Lodge include:
  • Ten camp sites
  • Hot showers
  • Toilets
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Leaders' room (sleeps four, with an open fireplace).
  • Large hall (seats 40 people)
  • BBQ areas
  • Chapel
  • Parade ground
  • Campfire circle
  • Full disabled access

Wishart Lodge is the result of many hours of concerted and dedicated effort by many members, friends and supporters of the local Scouting Movement. There is always a great deal of work to be done to enssure the upkeep of this wonderful facility. We can all derive inspiration from looking around at the results of our hard work, as it clearly demonstrates that with unity of purpose and direction, we are able to achieve worthwhile objectives.

(c) Hec Sebire Rover Crew 2011