A PhD in 5 minutes
Paul Taylor
LaTrobe University

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The life of Artificial Intelligence in FPS Video Games
(A super brief summary Starring Barry)

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Designs were becoming more and more complicated

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Regardless of which design is used
These approaches only consider a small subset of the possible applications of AI to game design and development

A few exceptions...

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Similar Developments
Aiming assistants
Dynamic difficulty

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Can Artificial Intelligence be used to support game design?

Identifying where the need for Artificial Intelligence in Game Design lies

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Surveying the World
The goal was defined
I now needed to see what aspects of many games AI could help

Picking an exceptionally high rating game
Using Uncharted: Drakes Fortune as a test game
90% review rating
Flaws in a highly rated game are likely to exist in poorer games too

The Aspects the Survey Targeted
Focusing on the user experience I finally selected the following aspects of a game and its design




Difficulty Curves

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Personal Factors

Wow Factor

Not quite completed
Already show some areas of significance
Places where many people get lost
Ways in which game ergonomics are built

Implementing the AI

Unreal 2004
TCP/UDP drivers
SQL Database
Neural Networks running on a PhysX Card

Benefits to Players
A more immersive and enjoyable experience

Benefits to Game Development
A Bigger Audience - $$$
A more enjoyable game to more players

The End