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Game Modding at La Trobe University

Known as CSE4AT3 (Advanced Topics) in 2008 with the subject code changing to CSE4MOD (Games Modding) for the year 2009

The Modding Subject is focused on Developing Games using Pre-Existing Game Engines, as well as developing content which is both

In this subject students are introduced to advanced games modding. Commercial games that allow modding are discussed. Extensive analysis and work will be done using the Unreal Game Engine and the related editing tools. The students will develop their assignment in a large team using Unreal Script and UnrealEd. The unit also reviews other scripting languages such as Lua, Python and Ruby giving a comparison of their capabilities and how to build scripting languages into games.

As well as developing using the Unreal Modding Tools students are also taught Game Design principals which assist not only with modding, but with any form of team game development, be it Indy development, or working within an existing Game Development Company.The history of video games, rule types and rule design, game story, specifications writing, game concepts of game play, game balance, game symmetry and asymmetry, competition and cooperation, multiplayer versus single player, game harmony and immersion, novelty, risks and rewards in games, learning through games, Game content, design and architecture are all aspects which are either touched upon, or studied in-depth depending on the relevance served towards the students goals.

In 2009 Much of the Design and Development will be moved to a new subject CSE1GDT (Game Design Theroy), allowing the CSE4MOD subject to focus more time on complex game development. So by 2011 Design Theory will be, for the most part, reviewed in CSE4MOD and taught only in CSE1GDT.

About Paul Taylor:

I gained my undergraduate degree (BCSSE)at La Trobe University in 2004

BCSSE - Bachelor of Computer Science - Software Engineering with a major in Games Technology

After leaving La Trobe I worked at Computer Accociates as a Malware Researcher for 1 year, before returning to La Trobe University.

I'm Currently researching for my PhD at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia under Doctor John Rankin in the Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

I currently Lecture Advanced Graphics and Game Modding at La Trobe University.

Current Areas of Research:

  • Artificial Intelligence for First Person Shooters (AI for FPS) Voice / Speech Recognition
  • Game Design and Development
  • Modding
  • UnrealScript Coding