Doopz's Homepage

This is a website I am putting together just for fun. I just want to thank my best mate Blackadder for letting me host this site on his server. Cheers bro!

By the way, have you got the need for speed? Is octane running in your blood? Well, if so, then you could either get yourself a beast like Paul's and take it to the tracks or play NFSU...or both!!

Here are some pics of the cars I have raced :=D At the moment I'm up to race 47 so I've got a long way to go lol...

WRX Side View 240SX Nuclear Bomb Mazda MX-5 At The Start Line
Hyundai Tiburon CT Side View 240SX Army Side View Nissan Sentra Angle View
240SX At The Creeks Hyundai Tiburon CT Black Side View Hyundai Tiburon CT On The Line
Nissan Sentra Side View My Best Drift Score Yet!! 240SX Angle View
240SX Angle View Hyundai Tiburon CT Angle 240SX Army Angle View

I'll make sure I put some more stuff up here when i get the chance.

Bounce me an [email protected] anytime.

Last Updated: 8 May @ 3:25AM